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Having said all this, I have to say I fully understand how the

Posted by on 16.08.2014

Does anyone think Debian’s bug tracking system is in serious need of an upgrade

People here seem to be very interested in the experience for the bug submitters. That pretty much irrelevant. We canada goose outlet store new york already get enough bug reports as it is and there no point in lowering the bar for submitting bug reports. The canada goose outlet store toronto real bottleneck is canada goose outlet new york city getting enough volunteers to do canada goose outlet price bug triaging and bug fixing. The current system is (and any future replacement will need to be) optimized for developers to somewhat efficiently process a large amount of reports. This is why canada goose outlet michigan the system is email canada goose outlet legit based and offers things like mbox downloads. Efficient processing of thousands of mails simply can not be done via the regural «end user» mail clients like gmail, outlook, etc. Many debian maintainers already today ignore canada goose outlet edmonton the bug tracking system because there simply too many low quality bug reports and just going through them to try to find canada goose outlet belgium something actually relevant to try to fix can very well take up all your available time. We often hear horror stories from Ubuntu developers canada goose outlet how dreadful they think it is to work with the extreme low quality reports they get in canada goose outlet england launchpad as an example, which surely doesn work as a motivation to replace the current system with something more «modern». Having said all this, I have to say I fully understand how the bts may seem very arcane. It about the usability of the system. You can tell me that canada goose kensington parka uk the system is optimized for the needs of developers, then talk about how developers aren canada goose outlet uk fake getting useful information from canada goose outlet factory it, or how people aren willing to get involved in it as developers. The problem is none have been presented. One cannot simply say «hey let try moving issue tracking to gitlab» for reasons already outlined elsewhere on this page.If you have what you believe is a better canada goose outlet in new york solution though I sure plenty of folks will be happy to hear about it, but fair warning, it needs to be well canada goose discount uk thought out, should be discussed with the community before being officially proposed to uncover edge cases and unknown integrations in order to scope the project, should include strategies for migrating all the existing tooling to the new system, and should have a proposal written up as well to onboard anyone who wasn following those discussions. That no small feat, and it important the community doesn feel left behind or left out.Outside of debian, in corporate environments, I too often see teams for example change chat providers canada goose outlet store montreal without consideration to the potential need to retain that canada goose outlet miami chat history for legal reasons, or to export all the projects even the ones buy canada goose uk you don use day to day into the new revision control system before you turn the old one off.This is precisely why I stopped being an upstream for Debian. I was promised that canada goose outlet london Debian Maintainers would go canada goose outlet florida do the work to verify that it is still in my most recent release before dropping a bug report. Single dev upstreams have even less time than you.Think about the situation a user is in when reporting a bug. They were probably in the middle of doing something, found a bug, and thought «well, ok, I take time to report canada goose shop uk this». Then you get into reportbug, follow the steps and format your email, and then at the end oops, I don have mail transport configured. Ugh. Screw this, I need to get back to what I was doing in the first place. Maybe someone else will report this bug.

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